Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Seems that Miguel De Icaza is not neutral anymore

Miguel De Icaza's recent post for October 5 is written as an answer to what he said was a personal attack by Richard M. Stallman, but he is not very honest when doing that. One example:
Richard Stallman frequently conjures bogeymen to rally his base. Sometimes it is Microsoft, sometimes he makes up facts and sometimes he even attacks his own community

The he makes up facts sentence is linked to a post on the FSF website by RMS where he publicly acknowledged that he made a mistake about Mac OS X. So contrary to what De Icaza's is saying, this post is an example of RMS integrity.

So how do you call what De Icaza's is trying to do then? hmm unfortunately I don't have very kind words for this kind of behavior. And it seems that I'm not the only one. Now Miguel De Icaza has gone too far.

From one comment on slashdot: RMS has a single line that can be seen as an ad-hominem. Your piece is almost entirely an ad-hominem. Enough said.

Sadly it seems that he is now objectively an advocate for Microsoft, regardless of the cost for free software, regardless of the cost for us users and developers. I now have my answer: I can't trust him anymore.

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