Sunday, 1 February 2009

Remember this post: I talked about my two first open Source projects:

  • MDIFramework aim to provide a ready-to-use desktop application infrastructure in Java. I mainly created this project because I always reused the same piece of code in my own work, so I wanted to have a generic library instead. I thought it was better to open source it, so that's what I've done.

  • MDIUtilities is a utility library with various classes in the swing, IO, geometry, etc... fields. There's tons of other libraries in the open, but it is not always easy when all you want is a small library to provide utility classes. Sometimes you could end-up with tons of different libraries, for which you only use few classes.

Well these two projects have both been bumped to 0.3 version. In the hope it can be useful...

About MDIFramework, maybe you will say: Why not using Eclipse ? Well Eclipse is a huge framework. When you develop with Eclipse in mind, you are in the Eclipse ecosystem, and you end with a lot of Eclipse dependencies. That can be a good thing, but if you want to keep control on your work, and avoid to bear the burden of too many dependencies (or limit the size of your install), you should look elsewhere. Plus Eclipse does not handle everything for you.
But why not using appframework ? Unfortunately (for the moment) appframework does not manage several things that are handled by MDIFramework:

  • Plugins

  • dynamic menus

  • storing / retrieving non GUI parameters between sessions

  • managing FileTypes

...And MDIFramework was created before appframework even existed on the Web (2006).

Microsoft, what are you doing with .NET ?

It seems that the size of the .NET framework is increasing with every update. Last auto update seems to be at a bloated 250 MB !!!(RTM was approximately 200 MB, but remember it is only a SP1 update !!). It's funny that people keep criticizing Java for the size of its download, when Java 6 JRE is less than 15 MB. Plus you can download only the kernel (less than 5 MB), which is enough to play any Java applets, and if you need more, other parts of the JRE will be loaded as you need them.

It reminds me of Acrobat Reader, which is now more than 30 MB (only to be able to view PDF Files !!), it has become so bloated with unneeded options as time passes that opening a PDF document now takes ages, even with modern hardware !!! Adobe, what do you think ?