Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mr Courmont, do you really need to do this?

Mr Remi Courmont, contributor to the VLC media player, thinks that he knows that Apple removed the Mobile VLC app from the appstore because they supposedly "cannot stand software distributed under the GPL on its stores". Mr Remi Courmont think he knows that the AppStore license expressly makes it impossible to distribute GPL software on the AppStore. Mr Courmont thinks that he knows a lot, but he seems to know very little, except of course for his own apparent hate of Apple.

Mr Remi Courmont wanted the app to be removed to prove his point, even if some of his fellow developers thought a little different than himself. His comment on the twitter feed for the VIDEOLAN project was: "I'm not going to pity the owner of iDevices, and not even the mobileVLC developers who doubtless wasted a lot of their time".

Mr Courmont, you seems to be full of it, you know. Asking is something, but spreading FUD without really knowing anything about what you are speaking, and putting a gun on the neck of Apple, but also other VLC developers, and also those who developed the mobileVLC app, is not a very pretty thing to do.

But above all, Mr Courmont can't deny he is working for Nokia. Do you really think that he can convince that it had no impact on what he did?