Saturday, 8 November 2008

Web 2.0 taken hostage

I tried today to access the .NET 4.0 (Dublin) roadmap on Microsoft website. Unfortunately, you need to have a Word Office 2007 compliant reader to be able to even read this.

Want to access some (maybe) cool content on websites ? Be sure you have the last Silverlight plugin available. But for the moment it will not work on Linux, because Moonlight is still a work in progress.

Aren't you concerned by the fact that an increasingly number of Web sites use proprietary technology for their rendering ? Some time ago we only had to bother about Flash, but it was almost OK, we only had to download one plugin. Now it seems that every big Web 2.0 contender is trying to tie people to their own technology.

Web 2.0 is in danger of breaking in a myriad of little pieces. What is going on now is contrary to what made the web ubiquitous. I'm really looking forward to HTML 5, jitted Javascript and canvas rendering on HTML pages. I really want this to kill both Flash and Silverlight, else I don't know where we are heading.

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